All-weather Floor Mats, Front, Q3

All-weather Floor Mats, Front, Q3


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The all-weather floor mats are perfectly shaped to fit the front floor of the new Q3. The hard-wearing mats are perfectly matched to the interior. The floor mats protect the floor against wetness and coarse soiling. They can be easily cleaned when necessary.

The anti-slip raised pattern on the underside of the all-weather floor mats and the fastening points provided in the floor ensure that the mats are held securely in place and that they will not slip.

Colour: black with Q3 logo in contrasting colour

Items supplied: 1 set for front (2 items R&L), for new Q3 model variants as listed below

Model Usage:
  • RSQ3 (Since 2020)
  • Q3 (Since 2019)
  • RSQ3 Sportback (Since 2020)
  • Q3 Sportback (Since 2020)
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